Fathom Management Solutions Ltd

Fathom Management Solutions Ltd

Powerful and flexible facilities enable configuration of the entire lifecycle of your account receivables and provides your customers with a seamless and compliant journey from account management to financial hardship. Fathom prides itself on providing exemplary support services to its customers as well as providing users with a friendly experience.

Fathom’s CaseflowFusion® and BillChaser® software integrates with numerous technologies including Diallers, SMS, Automated Email, all Microsoft products including SQL and Reporting Services, Direct Debit, Money Claims Online, Mailhouse, Payment Service providers and Credit Reference Agencies.

Fathom also provides migration and interfacing services to other systems. Highly scalable and modular by design, there is a solution for any size of business.

With market leading feature content and functionality already in place, fast return on investment is guaranteed.

All Fathom systems come with a variety of deployment options, whether you require an in-house or a hosted solution.

Modular pricing together with a range of finance options means there is a Fathom solution for most requirements and budgets.

For Further information:

W: www.fathom.co.uk E: Contact@fathom.co.uk

T: 01189 750044