Exa Education

Exa Education

Often treated as a utility like electric or water, Internet connectivity can be mistakenly seen as the same product from a multitude of providers. This is simply not the case.

An Exa Education connection comes with 16 years of experience dedicated to the education sector, this insight has allowed us to tailor our offering to include what school’s want, and not bundle lots of services in that they may not need which keeps our prices competitive too. Being an actual ISP gives us complete control over our network and we can affect changes instantly rather than playing middleman to another supplier. In addition to running out network, our content filtering software, SurfProtect has also been built and is maintained in-house, meaning we can react to schools’ needs and apply our R&D where schools’ want.

With the internet now being so centric to school life is it more vital than ever that it works and works well.

To cut to the chase, this all means that you can do your job while we do ours.

With a retention rate that has remained above 96% for the last 5 years, our customers notice the difference, we believe you will too.