School Security Award

SECOM Security Systems

Recognising the UK school that has made outstanding efforts to increase security through a combination of increased awareness in staff and pupils and the procurement and installation of additional security measures.

2018 Winner: Barnston Primary, Wirral

 Barnston Primary

Because of a declining budget, Barnston began leasing car parking spaces to parents in order to raise money for improved security, which includes a high definition CCTV system, a sophisticated key fob system at the front entrance of the school and a lock down system which alerts staff and children of an intruder, distinctive from the fire alarm procedure system. This includes a signal call out for the head teacher and a separate one for the deputy.


The Academy, Selsey, West Sussex
East Wickham Primary Academy, Kent
Beaufort Co-operative Academy, Gloucestershire
Winterslow C of E Primary School, Salisbury

2017 Winner
Wolverhampton City Council Education eServices Team

 Wolverhampton City Council Education eServices Team

Break-ins at over 60 schools in Wolverhampton have plummeted following the use of DNA forensic marking kits to protect valuable ICT equipment from theft. The crime reduction scheme was launched last year by West Midlands Police and Wolverhampton City Council eServices Team following a spate of burglaries at schools. All technology such as laptops and iPads in 61 local schools is now marked.


St Joseph’s School, Camden
George Spencer Academy
Haggerston School, London
Ark Academy, Wembley

2016 Winner
Sir Thomas Abney Primary School, London

Sir Thomas Abney Primary School has always prided itself on the safety of its 430 students and staff. To maintain this, the school has installed the latest wireless-based ‘ring of steel’ comprising two new systems: a wireless electronic locking system that requires a keycard ID pass which automatically synchronises with the locks to allow or restrict access; and a touch-screen interface with the ability to pre-register guests and significantly increase the accuracy of knowing who is on site at any given time. The latter integrates with the existing security infrastructure onto a central platform, making it more accurate in accounting for everyone on- site in an emergency. The work was carried out by Delta Security, which extended its 18-year partnership with the school.

Monkton Combe School, Bath
Yatton Junior School, North Somerset

2015 Winner
Beddington Park Primary School, Surrey

Beddington Park Primary has a commitment to safeguarding and security. Staff access the school site via electronic entry fobs in order to keep the school safe from unsolicited visitors and ensure children cannot exit the site without the use of a fob and therefore staff supervision. Access to the school for visitors is via electronic gates with integrated intercom and camera. Staff are required to attend Child Protection training bi-annually, and safety and security is also comprehensively covered in the school’s staff induction training. The school also participates in the School Safe Alert scheme.

Pendle Primary Academy, Lancashire
Hemel Hempstead School, Hertfordshire