Community Award

This award recognises schools working in partnership with other public sector bodies (local authority, police, NHS or Fire Service) on projects that bring specific benefits to the local community.

2018 Winner
Eastbourne College, East Sussex

2018 Community Award winner - Eastbourne College

As a major employer in the area and a significant part of the local economy, Eastbourne set up The Eastbourne Schools Partnership (ESP), which works to provide community, educational and sporting activities involving pupils, staff and the general public. ESP now comprises 12 schools and colleges and accounts for 14,000 children in the surrounding area.


Heswall Primary, Wirrall
Lutley Primary School, Werst Midlands
Bolton School, Greater Manchester
Parklands Primary School, Leeds
Wimboldsley Primary School, Cheshire

2017 Winner
Beddington Park Primary School

2017 Community Award winner - Bedlington Park
Community Action Support Hub, founded by Beddington Park Primary two years ago, unites local agencies, charities and services to improve the well-being of children and adults in the region. This year the school launched the Community Database, which contains information on various local and national organisations who can support families.


Kilgarth School
Beddington Park Primary School
Richmond Hill Primary School
Shrewsbury High School
Parkwood E-ACT Academy
Wolverhampton Grammar School

2016 Winner
Shrewsbury High School, Shropshire

Shrewsbury High has become a Shropshire ‘hub’ for preparing potential medics thanks to its utilising of Keele University’s Medical Outreach Program and Shropshire Careers Service. The collaboration has ensured prospective medical students gain the right advice and direction on offer.

2016 Community Award winner - Shrewsbury High School, Shropshire

Beddington Park Primary School, Surrey
Parkwood Academy, Sheffield
North Liverpool Academy
Nansen Primary School, Birmingham
Plymouth School of Creative Arts, Devon

2015 Winner
Seaford College, West Sussex

Seaford College’s community work has been hugely recognisable this year with the school receiving an award at the ‘Making a Lasting Difference’ South Region Awards for the ‘Community Project of the Year.’ The award recognised Seaford College’s involvement in the Whyke Estate, Chichester, as part of the school’s Community Action Day in July. Students and staff carried out a variety of tasks to help those who are registered as vulnerable, due to physical disability, learning difficulties, or old age. It is likely that Seaford College will go through to the National Awards, and the school looks forward to returning to the Whyke Estate as part of the Community Action Day in 2015.

Anson Primary School, London
Epsom College, Surrey