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Awesome Apps

3D printing technologies have moved from the toxic and brittle constructions of the past to the present professional MoonRay 3D printer solutions offered by Awesome Apps Ltd that can retain details down to a ten micron resolution for a range of new materials and in a highly attractive package.

In Awesome Apps we have been leaders in this kind of software and have now matched these advances with the introduction of the MoonRay series of 3D printers.

Wherever design innovation needs to be give life to new ideas and attempt prototypes or proof of concept models the software and 3D printers exclusively available from Awesome Apps Ltd should be of primary consideration.

With its MoonRay 3D Printer, ideas come to life, from concept to printed model, in only a few hours. MoonRay’s excellent high-resolution 3D printing means your finished print will capture all of the details in your 3D model.

With an ever growing number of design users discovering how the MoonRay (S) can forge lighter, innovative and efficient parts the astonishing array of new applications is becoming clearer.

The ScanRider is an innovative solution to variable size scanning projects that is an accurate and affordable tripod-mounted structured light 3D scanner. It is lightweight and easy to transport.

It is the perfect 3D scanner for users seeking high-quality 3D scans. Digital 3D reconstructions of objects can be created easily and quickly

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