Ant Education

Numberella by Ant Education

Numberella™ is a card and dice maths game which makes children better at maths. In a recent trial at Boston Witham Academy, 100% of students who used the game twice a week in intervention sessions improved their grade within 3 months. The child who started at the lowest level improved the most.

How does it work?

Numberella™ is available in 3 levels, which support Key Stage 1-3 (UK) and Common Core grades 2-8 (US). It is ‘ability neutral.’ By balancing luck and knowledge, it allows students of different abilities to play together with an equal hope of winning. This translates into concentration and enthusiasm across a group, for the duration of a game – which can last from 15-60 minutes and involve up to 5 players.

Digital Dimension

The Numberella™ digital platform allows teachers to create leagues and a house system. This amplifies the social dimension of the game and helps transform Maths into a subject students are talking about for the best reasons. Game play clips can be uploaded onto a league wall, which parents can view via a free app on their phones and tablets – encouraging a positive perception of Maths, across the wider school community.

Available from September 2018.